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Liechtenstein Stamps   The Story of Liechtenstein Stamps Begins In 1912...

...when the principality's first stamps were released.  Liechtenstein stamps were printed in Austria and were an immediate hit with collectors who were enchanted by the notion of an independent nation roughly the size of the island of Manhattan running its own postal system and producing its own stamps.

After the end of the First World War and the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Liechtenstein looked for a new source of stamp production.  Unfortunately, the job of producing stamps was hijacked from the principality by a gang of philatelic specualtors.

They tarnished Liechtenstein's good stamp producing name by issuing more stamps than were needed to meet legitimate demand and by arranging all sorts of "errors" to lure collectors into paying premium prices for questionable items.

The scoundrels were quickly shut down and in 1921 Liechtenstein went to work repairing its image with stamp collectors.


Liechtenstein Stamps   Between 1921 and 1960...

...Liechtenstein established a reputation as a leader in philetlic integrity.  It forged a postal alliance with Switzerland and released its first semi-postal issues in 1925 to commemorate the 85th birthday of Prince Johann.  The first airmail stamps were released in 1930, and later in the decade came airmail stamps depicting the famed Zeppelin.

Highlights of this era included a 1936 Souvenir Sheet honoring the Liechtenstein Postal Museum in Vaduz, and a Souvenir Sheet in 1946 honoring the postal agreement with the Swiss government.

Liechtenstein stamps from this period are classics of the era.


Liechtenstein Stamps   Stunning Design and World Class Production...

...are the hallmarks of Liechtenstein's stamps.  The world's most accomplished security printers and talented graphic artists combine their skills to produce these marvelous stamps.

Liechtenstein stamps are popular with collectors in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  But they have also established international appeal as a result of their subject matter.  It is difficult to resist the bold, natural beauty of the principality and scneic views have long been a staple of Liechtenstein's stamp design.

From Triesenberg to The Three Sisters Massif in the Alps, there has been no shortage of beauty for these stamps to share.


Liechtenstein Stamps   Today's Liechtenstein Stamps Continue the Tradition of Excellence

The modern era of Liechtenstein Philately is characterized by the same standards and principles which have guided the principality's philatelic program for decades.  In recent years collectors have enjoyed stamps which depict a variety of subjects ranging from art treausres and panoramic views to Christmas and sports.

It is interesting for collectors to follow the princely house (the royal family) and, as the years pass, to to see the family that steers the prosperous country.


For years, we have been specialists in Liechtenstein stamps.  We invite you to visit our store, see our stock, and view our Liechtenstein stamps for sale.

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Liechtenstein Stamps

Liechtenstein Stamps

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